DR STUNTS is a Motorcycle Stunt Team from Adelaide, South Australia. We provide Extreme Motorcycle Stunts for your Events, Venues, Expos etc and we are Australia wide. Have a look around our website and check out the Gallery with many pictures to view, and drop a line on our Guestbook. To book an Extreme Motorcycle Stunt Show contact us now



Thanks to Pimp Juice
We would like to say thanks to our major sponsor Pimp Juice Energy Drink for vinyl wrapping Dannys Honda Cbr 600F4I, We would also like to thank Haynes Signs for the great vinyl job they did for the bike

And to wrap up a successful 2010 was Mallanats in Adelaide. A total of 210 entrants over the weekend, a good turn out for the second year of Mallanats’ creation along with high heats of 40degrees. In the presence of Fox Sports filming the boys ripped up the track and even had a novelty rider, Luke on the GSXR! Again a very big thank you for all that came to say hello and support your local stunter DR STUNTS!


G1 Drifts Final
Danny and Andrew teamed up again to show the people of Mallala just what they can do for the G1 Drift Finals. Another great weekend of performing with great drifts and the smell of rubber. The boys concentrating on side by side synchronised stunts, ready to go for the next show....

Cairns Auto Spectacular
The Dr Stunts duo Danny and Andrew along side with friend Reece made the long drive from Adelaide to Cairns to perform at the Auto Spectacular. It was a very successful weekend, perfect weather and a great turn out. The boys tore up the Stunt strip showing Cairns what they really have to offer. It was a new experience for them doing interviews with Channel 7 and Zinc Radio. A little bit of TV exposure for the duo, letting all the people of Cairns know what they have in store for them and hope we are invited back to perform again.


Clipsal 500
Danny performed at the 2010 Clipsal 500, Adelaide. It was an action packed event with stunts, V8 supercars, burnouts and much more. Unfortunately the F4i motor didn’t have the same passion as Danny, blowing up half way through and shortening the weekend, these things happen but it was an unforgettable experience....

New Sponsors - Nolan & TKD Jeans
Thanks to my new sponsor 'Nolan' for there limited edition Moto GP helmets, and TKD Jeans for there full kevlar jeans which are great


Drift Supercup - Adelaide
Once again DR Stunts have had another successful show at the Mallala Motor Sport Park, thanks to everyone that attended the Drift Supercup on the weekend. We will keep you intune with future events involving the Mallala Motor Sport Park so you can come down and enjoy another great weekend jam packed with Drifting, Motorcycle Stunt Shows, Burnout Comps and alot more entertainment all day long. Check out the new pictures in the gallery

Clipsal 500
Danny Ross from DR Stunts will be riding side by side with Matt Mingay and Allan Morrison from the best stunt team in Australia, Stuntz Inc. DR Stunts would like to thank Stuntz Inc for this great opportunity, so come down to the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide for the best Xtreme Motorcycle Stunts and cheer on the teams

Success At The Shannons Nationals
DR Stunts and FUF had a great weekend at the Shannons Nationals at Sandown Raceway in Victoria, everyone had a great time and once again both teams put on an impressive show

Makita - Mt Barker Trade Show
The Makita Trade Show was a big hit wth over 100 people turning up. It was a good night for all and ever one enjoyed the entertainment. which was a first for a stunt bike at a trade show in Adelaide so a good night and Makita have got alot more in store for DR stunts so cant wait.

Practice Session In Melbourne
Here we have Danny Ross (DR Stunts) and Andrew Lish at a local Training Spot in Melbourne, supporting our sponsor Pimp Juice